Blog Post:

Bumps in the Road

Dec 17, 2017


Clean Clinical Data is like a Picture, Road Map, and a Guide with Warnings!

Yes, clean fresh data offers a visual of what is going on in your inventory.

  • Where is it really, and is it positioned to peak performance/efficiency?
  • Is it in an equipment room? Constantly becoming dated before use?
  • Are your vascular racks near orthopedics suites and vice versa?
  • How many times have you had to hold a case for needed supplies, when they were not where you thought they should be?
  • How many staph infections have occurred due to “out of date” items, as simple as a Catheter that was tossed aside and never returned to its home section? And, later used when found and convenient.

Use your data to improve efficiency, reduce risk factors, and improve patient care. Constantly look for the warnings in your data and potentially reduce insurance costs!

BEEP-BEEP, be ahead of the curve and not have to hear _ _ _ _ _ _ _ bleep.

Clinical Inventory
Physical Data Capture of Inventory Supplies

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Perpetual System Inventory Updating

DSC will perform a real time inventory count of perpetual supply areas while transactions are frozen. Once the counts are audited and verified, they are posted in the system.

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Cycle Count Program

Cycle Counts may be performed on any number of product types such as consignment, perpetual, implants.

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Pharmacy Inventory Services

Custom designed to your specific accounting requirements.

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Laboratory Data Capture & Inventory

We will conduct a physical count of your laboratory supplies using proper Units of Measure based on item master criteria.

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Comparative Analysis

Detailed report showing changes over time so that you can evaluate progress.

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Consignment Verification Program

We will schedule meetings with the manufacturer representatives and vendors of the consignment products to collect, review, and update contracts. When completed, DSC will conduct the initial consignment inventory.

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Surgical Tray Audits

Surgical trays are normally included in a standard physical inventory, however, this can be offered as a stand-alone service.

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Pre-Inventory Training

DSC can train your department heads so that all departments are conducting inventory operations consistently and in compliance with corporate directives.

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Special Projects

DSC can provide fully credentialed on-site resources for support of special and/or short-term needs.

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Based on observation during an inventory and/or assessment, DSC can help identify which items are counted or not counted at specific locations.

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