Meet the DSC Team!

Ricky Jemiola

Vice President

Harry Orkin

Vice President of Operation

Elizabeth Blue

Director of IT

Bob Pelletier

Director of Laboratory & Pharmacy Inventory

Matt Seeley

Director of Operations

Todd Fowler

Project Manager

William Bell

Data Analyst

Frances Knott, MBA

Accounting Manager
/ HR Director
Tom Dysart

Tom Dysart

Sales & Marketing Director

Ray Bragg

Board Chairman

Data Solutions Corp

DSC has been working exclusively in Healthcare Inventory Management since 2005. We recognize the importance of managing inventory levels and the impact this has on the overall operations and financial health of every health care facility in this country.

Our goal is to help you make your facility the best it can be, but first, we need to listen to you! Every problem is an opportunity to improve, every challenge a chance to grow. That is why every opportunity starts with a thorough assessment of your needs. In that way we make sure that all your targets are addressed so we can tailor a solution to your exact needs.

Over the years, this approach to problem solving has led to opportunities for additional services. As a professional data capture and consulting company, DSC has helped many healthcare organizations to transition away from standard year-end inventories. DSC can assist you in evaluating and identifying proper inventory levels, deficiencies, leakage, risk factors, and best practices.

DSC provides many additional services that can help your facility save money, reduce financial and safety risks, and allow you to concentrate on your core priority of providing the best patient care possible. “See Our Medical Inventory Services”

We can help you reach your operational goals. Let’s start the conversation to make this happen.

DSC – Your Hospital Supply Chain Data Specialists.

Good Solutions start with Data you can trust and verify. DSC will get you where you need to be.