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We help hundreds of hospitals and healthcare systems across the country, by accurately counting their inventory.  DSC’s inventory valuations help hospitals book accurate figures for financial purposes, which leads to supply chain optimization and customers improving their bottom line.
How can you effectively manage your supply chain if you are not confident about your true valuation?  Let DSC provide the road map so you can accomplish your goals!

Our Hospital Inventory Services

Take control of your hospital inventory

Are you looking for a way to better manage all your inventory needs? Are you looking for an accurate valuation? Are you looking to improve your bottom line? Are you ready to truly optimize your supply chain? Want to identify what is really owned versus consigned? Want to reduce expired products? Struggle with Rx counts? Not happy with your cycle counts? Need help with ERP and EHR implementations? Struggling with your warehouses? Need data cleansing? We can help!

Healthcare systems lose millions each year due to the mismanagement of their inventory. Par levels are too heavy, which becomes wasteful, and warehouses are overstocked, which ties up capital and takes up valuable space. Internal staff are not excited about conducting cycle counts or working OT to help with FYE counts which leads to large variances and discrepancies. Are item masters getting scrubbed appropriately? Are UOM conversions consistent? In most instances, the answer is NO and this is where DSC can help! Appropriately managing your inventory is key to optimizing your overall supply chain.

Effectively managing hospital inventory is not a simple task. Especially, when hospitals have resource shortages and expensive staff members generating inaccurate results. The majority of internal hospital staff do not like conducting inventory, so hospitals are already at a disadvantage. It’s more effective and efficient to outsource to experts like DSC that solely specialize in hospital inventory “it’s what we do”. DSC has been involved in the inventory management arena for over 30 years with 2 decades of experience focusing only within the healthcare sector. We are experts within all hospital environments because that’s all we do 365 days a year.

If you are having trouble with your OR, IR, CathLab, SPD, Rx, Lab, Warehouse, Perpetual counts, Cycle counts, Consignment, Instrumentation, Synthes, Asset Management, DSC can help! We are hospital inventory experts!

Clinical Inventory

Physical data capture of inventory supplies.

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Pharmacy Inventory

Data Solutions Corp will customize the inventory process to meet your exact accounting and reporting needs.

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Laboratory Inventory

DSC conducts a physical inventory capturing items by proper UOM (unit of measure.)

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Cycle Count Program

Cycle Counts may be performed on any number of product types such as consignment, perpetual, and implants.

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Consigned to Owned Confirmation™ Program

DSC will hold meetings with consignment representatives, gather updated contracts, and conduct a physical inventory.

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Based on observation during an inventory and/or assessment, DSC can help identify which items are counted or not counted at specific locations.

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Perpetual System Inventory Updating

We can perform an inventory of perpetual areas and provide updates for your perpetual system.

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Comparative Analysis

This additional service is offered to repeat customers to analyze year over year variances and track compliance goals.

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Surgical Tray Audits

Surgical trays are normally included in a standard physical inventory, but it can also be offered as a stand-alone service.

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Special Projects

DSC can provide resources to supplement temporary staffing needs or run/assist with limited duration projects.

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Pre-Inventory Training

DSC has trained department heads of hospitals who are not operating consistently with what their corporate office expects.

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Why Choose DSC?

When it comes to the inventory needs of a hospital, choose a provider that can deliver.

  • 20 years of experience in taking hospital and pharmacy inventories
  • Fast, efficient inventories performed by professional staff trained in the clinical and pharmacy environments
  • Quick turnaround with inventory data results
  • Comprehensive final reports for thorough analysis of your inventory
  • Perpetual inventory validation
  • Cycle counts to maintain integrity of your data
  • Pre-inventory meetings to ensure proper preparations for a successful count
  • Post-inventory meetings to review inventory process and make recommendations for improvement
  • Ongoing communication and support from our team

Avoid the pain of performing your own inventory.

DSC has helped many hospitals, medical facilities, and pharmacies with their inventory needs.

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