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DSC is partnered with some of the best service providers in the medical supply chain industry. We are committed to providing the best medical inventory service to our customers.

Owens & Minor, Inc. (NYSE: OMI) is a Fortune 500 global healthcare solutions company integrating product manufacturing and delivery, home health supply, and perioperative services to support care through the hospital and into the home. Owens & Minor drives visibility, control and efficiency for patients, providers and healthcare professionals across the supply chain with proprietary technology and solutions, an extensive product portfolio, an Americas-based manufacturing footprint for personal protective equipment (PPE) and surgical products, as well as a robust portfolio of products and services for patients managing chronic and acute conditions in the home setting. Operating continuously since 1882 from its headquarters in Richmond, Va., Owens & Minor is a 140-year-old company powered by more than 20,000 global teammates.

Owens & Minor determined it was optimal to utilize an outside company whose sole mission was to develop special core competencies around physical inventories. They chose DSC as that provider due to their accuracy and consistency based on their proprietary inventory practices. DSC customizes solutions and provides a very thorough customer experience pre, during, and post inventory. The customer reports are turned around within 3 business days (excluding perpetual counts) and the work does not stop there. DSC offers a plethora of consulting services based on pain points identified during the inventory process. DSC is a one stop shop when it comes to inventory services. Our executive leadership team’s combined experience exceeds 250+ years in the inventory arena. If you are looking for a long term partner that values your internal initiatives, objectives, and goals then DSC is the right fit!

Hospitals and medical facilities can expect:

    • Quick and accurate physical inventory counts
    • Lightening fast turnaround for final reports
    • Customized solutions to fit your specific needs
    • Tenured and professional full time inventory specialists
    • Elite customer service with ongoing inventory support
    • Our average tenured customer has been with us for 8+ years

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